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22nd IHF Women’s World Championship, Denmark 2015

A collection of my articles written during the 22nd IHF Women’s Handball World Championship held in Denmark in December 2015. From December 3 to 21 I was based in Kolding then Herning, covering preliminary round Groups A and C, the knock-out round and finals. 

Features and interviews:
The Influence of Positive Coaching at Denmark 2015
Denmark 2015: Coaches, players and psychologists discuss the importance of a positive, equal relationship between athletes and their coaches.

To the stars of tomorrow
Denmark 2015: Bulatovic, Gullden, Achruk and Chebbah share their advice and stories about how to make it to the top.

“I feel that we can do more”
Denmark 2015: Romania knocked out hosts Denmark to secure their place in the Semi-Finals, but they are not done yet.

“We play with heart; we play for our country”
Denmark 2015: Poland’s Kinga Achruk talks about their Eighth-Final win against Hungary, and the importance of the bond within the team.

Toumi Bids Farewell to the Tunisia Jersey
Denmark 2015: After an incredible 18 years representing Tunisia, Raja Toumi played her final match for her country in Herning on Monday.

The story of Mwasesa
Denmark 2015: The story of a girl from DR Congo, who became one of the most successful players in the French league and the captain of her national team.

“Physical strength will be the key to success”
Denmark 2015: Korea coach Young Chul Lim talks tactics, the future of his team and the road to Rio 2016.

The Group Phase Wrap-Up
Denmark 2015: Summary and key statistics as the final matches of the preliminary round finish and the knock-out round begins.

Argentina’s Big Year Continues
Denmark 2015: This year Argentina have celebrated two Olympic qualifications, and increasingly stronger performances from their national teams.

Kolding welcomes the handball world
Denmark 2015: The city of Kolding adds the 2015 IHF Women’s World Championship to its already strong history of handball-mania.

Continued Focus on Pivot Contact at Denmark 2015
The final countdown for the 22nd IHF Women’s World Championship has begun as referees complete their last preparations.

Previews and reviews:
Grimsbø Shines as Norway Claim the Title
Denmark 2015: Norway defeat the Netherlands to become world champions and the holders of all three major international titles for the second time.

Neagu Leads Romania to Bronze
Denmark 2015: Romania continued their strong form to claim the bronze medal with a big win against Poland.

Netherlands Debut in Final Against Experienced Norway
Denmark 2015: The Final promises a fast-paced 60 minutes between the Olympic and European champions and rampaging Netherlands.

Norway Win 70-Minute Contest for Final
Denmark 2015: Norway defeat Romania in extra time to book their place in the Final, where they will meet the Netherlands.

Romania take on the Olympic champions
Denmark 2015: The second Semi-Final at the 22nd IHF Women’s Handball World Championship sees Romania meet Norway in the battle for the Final.

Poland and Romania Through to Semi-Finals
Denmark 2015: Poland and Romania record one-goal wins with electric performances in their Quarter-Finals, against the Russian Federation and Denmark.

Quarter-Finals Preview: Herning
Denmark 2015: The Quarter-Final matches in Jyske Bank BOXEN see Poland meet the undefeated Russian Federation and Romania take on hosts Denmark.

Poland and Montenegro Book Quarter-Final Spots
Denmark 2015: The first Eighth-Final in Herning ends in a victory for Poland, before Montenegro knock out Angola with a big win.

Eighth-Finals Preview: Monday 14 December
Denmark 2015: Poland play in-form Hungary, Angola meet Montenegro, Spain and France expect a high-voltage 60 minutes and Korea take on the might of Russia.

Eighth-Finals Review: Kolding and Herning
Denmark 2015: The hosts knock Sweden out in the all-Scandinavian Eighth-Final, and Romania shock Brazil to snatch a Quarter-Final berth.

Group C Review: Friday 11 December
Denmark 2015: Korea claim the last remaining Eighth-Finals spot, Brazil secure first place in the group and Germany defeat DR Congo.

Group A Review: Friday 11 December
Denmark 2015: Montenegro secure first place with a win against Denmark, Hungary finish second and Serbia are fourth as Group A wraps up.

Group A Preview: Friday 11 December
Denmark 2015: On the last day of group phase matches, Montenegro, Hungary and Denmark all have the chance to top the table.

Group C Preview: Friday 11 December
Denmark 2015: France and Brazil battle for the top spot, Korea face Argentina in a must-win match and Germany look set for a win against DR Congo.

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