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Tournament travel: Croatia 2018

In January, I travelled to Croatia as editor for the official Men’s EHF EURO 2018 website, working with an amazing, fun team that made this tournament a very special one. First, we were in Split for a little less than a week, before spending almost two in Zagreb. It was my third visit to Croatia, and once again I found myself dreaming of what it would be like to live there — I even began to look at visa options, so the seed is well and truly planted for this to be my possible future home. Let’s see.

In Split, with my post-Australia jetlag waking me up before daylight, I was often making my way along the coast for my morning run just as the sun rose, when the city was coming to life. In Zagreb, the buildings and parks never fail to impress me. I love the cafe culture in Croatia, and ducking out for a quick coffee to escape what we were being served in the press centre was a small but very important pleasure during the long tournament.

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Postcards from Australia: Home for Christmas

Last year, when mum asked me if there was any chance I would be home for Christmas, I realised I hadn’t celebrated the holidays in Australia for five years. So, I made the long trek home for my first summer at home since 2012, and it was glorious. I went to the beach almost every day, got a healthy dose of sea salt and sunshine, won a game or two of Finska, caught up with family and friends, held new babies, and somehow managed to board the plane back to wintry Europe without an excessively teary airport goodbye.


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Tournament travel: Germany 2017

On January 29, I returned to Amsterdam as the busy winter tournament period came to an end. Beginning at the end of November last year, I had been on the road for two months solid, first with the Women’s Handball World Championship, then a visit to Australia for Christmas, and finally, the Men’s EHF EURO 2018.

The Women’s World Championship took place in Germany, where I was based in Leipzig, then Hamburg for the final weekend. As it was December, Leipzig’s Christmas Markets were in full swing, and they added a lot to the cosy atmosphere in the city centre where we stayed.


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Postcards from autumnal Ljubljana

The flight into Ljubljana was perhaps one of the most picturesque approaches I have enjoyed in a plane. Autumn sunlight shone over the small city and the surrounding hills, mountains and plains, all of which were covered in well-watered greenery or bright orange and yellow leaves that showed it was early November. With those views, I was introduced to a beautiful city that did not disappoint once I was exploring it by foot. Though I would love to experience the city and Slovenia during summer, the timing of my visit on this occasion showed a stunning side to the city as it prepared for winter.


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A little London visit

Since leaving London after two magical years there from 2013 to 2015, I had only visited once, for a few days shortly after my visa ended. I have been waiting for an opportunity to return, and the perfect chance came in September when two of my good friends happened to be visiting at the same time. It’s a very bittersweet thing to visit a city you used to call home — on one hand it makes you long for the days you spent there, while on the other you realise you don’t belong there anymore and can never go back. Still, visiting again with close friends who helped make the time living there so special was perfect, and I was effortlessly reminded of one thing that makes London such an extraordinary city — there is always more to discover, and you can never know completely.


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Tournament travel: Algiers, Algeria

The 2017 summer of handball tournaments began in Algiers, Algeria in July. The concentration of competitions taking place over the summer has meant a busy couple of months for me from July to September since 2015, when I covered my first Men’s Junior World Championship, followed by the Youth World Championship. This year the Junior World Championship was held in Algiers, after which I travelled to Tbilisi, Georgia for the Men’s Youth World Championship.

In Algiers we stayed in a hotel with an incredible view across the city, overlooking a concert venue which treated me to live music many nights after I had finished coverage for the day. One hot, sunny morning was spent exploring parts of the city on a guided tour, where we visited the Kasbah and the Matyr’s Memorial. The Memorial du Martyr Mujahid Museum was a sad, but interesting and clear highlight of the day and visit to Algiers overall.